ahh, summer is finally here!

i’m so happy right now … no school for a whole SIX WEEKS! a dream come true! heheheh. LOL

it’s just great to think about all the shit you’ll be doing all summer and nobody will give a toss about it :)

i’m excited to be going into year eight in september. i’ve heard that year eight is the piss about year, so hmmm, year eight was truly made for me. hehehe


howdy ya’ll … when i’m a lil older, i’ll be moving to good ol’ tennessee!

on saturday night, i started to speak southern, because … well … it may sound stupid, but i was eating southern fried chips! LOL. then i realised i wanted to country-fy my life, and in order to do that, i’ll be moving to tennessee!

before i move though, i need to learn how to play the bango, learn how to look after crops and animals well, because i’m gonna have a farm, and plus, i need to learn how to read weather forecasts, cuz, well, southern america has a lot of storms!

good golly, i really can’t wait to be a country girl … i’ll have my own horse called rodeo, and together, we shall we free!

hmmmm … maybe i should watch ‘home on the range’ to see what living on a farm is really like!


argh .. i am so pissed off right now!

okay, so i was going to fuse with chloe le huray, but i couldn’t go because of family issues. i told her, and i thought she would of like said ‘sure, i’ll take someone else’ .. but no, she didn’t

she got really pissed off, and we fell out. she was lying - she said she paid for the tickets, but her mum did … her mum bought them as a treat. so i was like, don’t lie.

i deleted her on facebook, because i wanted nothing to do with her, and she put as her status ‘ooh laura s you badman! you deleted me on facebook! i’m so upset. actually i ain’t you bitch!’ - that’s what edna told me.

so to make sure i signed in on my other account and read it, i also commented on it. she then called me a moody bitch .. and that’s when i lost it. i just broke down crying. what did i do to cause this? all i said was that i couldn’t go! my nan is seriously ill, and the only day i can see her is next friday, which is the daY of the fuse fesitval!

i told her to take someone else, but she just kept fighting back! it’s not that hard to pick someone else, ay?


sports day soon, whoo hoo!

ok, so, normally i absolutely HATE sports day, cuz i hate sports! but this year, i’m actually gonna have fun for once!

my evil form tutor put me down for high jump, and i didn’t even like, volunteer for it? the reason why she put me down for high jump is because i have long legs … uhh, but does that make me any good at high jump though?

well anyway, i’ve never actually done high jump in my life, so all i’ve been told is that i have to jump over a pole … but i fail at limbo!

so i told my parents, and they just said walk up to the pole and push it down .. so that’s what i’m gonna do!

i absolutely can’t wait till sports day now, it’s gonna be a right laugh!


grrr, i hate my science teacher so bloody much!

right, so his name is mr mcewan, and he replaced mr jacobs who stupidly moved back to canada, and he is just like, so … GRR!

so, today i was sitting with edna, chloe and sophie and we didn’t do any work cuz we didn’t get it, so he split us all up, and y’know, i was left on my larry!

then, i turned around to talk to edna and tom, and sophie who was sitting with chloe at the back of the classroom said ‘laura, you’d better turn around and look behind you’, so i turned around, and my science teacher was right in my face, and i just screamed, LOL!

god, he just kept saying ‘do your work, do your work’, and i was just like, NO! cuz i don’t get it! argh!

manz, he is so bloody pathetic! i wish he could just like, get sacked already! i want mr jacobs back! he was awesome, and i can actually understand all the words he’s saying, unlike somebody we could mention!


ermm, i’m actually a little bit shocked to say this, but i really do love listening to miley cyrus tunes!

i do admit she’s a slutty slaggy whore, but there is just something about her music. y’know … her lyrics actually describe my life in some ways.

so her new song ‘can’t be tamed’ really does desribe my life. i’m wild, extreme, and nobody can calm me down, so i call it my special little song, LOL!

to be honest, it’s not just miley cyrus songs, there are other songs that relate to my life … and by the way, they are good songs!


so lately … i’ve been singing random songs quite a few times.

i have no idea how it all happens! i’m just chillin’ at school, doing my work, then suddenly, i start singing random songs!

in MFL today i started singing some song from like two decades ago … ‘free nelson mandella’ it’s called i think. nobody was singing the song around me, well i don’t think so, and well i just started singing! ha ha!

well, i suppose singing is a sign that i’m happy … cuz, y’know, whenever i’m happy, i start singing! well i don’t really know to be honest, LOL!

oh, and just if you’re interested, i’m singing ‘frisky’ by tinie tempah … would you risk it for a chocolate biscuit? ha ha, only if it’s a bourbon, LOL!


i’ve had my summer planned out already :’)

so me and my best friend are going to fuse festival in july! omfg i really can’t wait! we’re going to see DIVERSITY! yep, diversity, and the saturdays, which are pwetty awesome too i guess

we’re also planning on going to amadeus quite a few times. so, that means shopping like everyday for dresses! awesome!

so, i suppose we’ll have to throw in other stuff like revison, and complete any homework that got set, but fuck that! let’s go crazy!